About Artist

The name of the artist I interviewed this week was Kelvin Lopez. He is a California State University Long Beach student majoring in printmaking. He informed my class that he enjoys going to music festivals, drinking beer, and collecting different types of crystals. He owns two dogs; One of the dogs is German Shepard mix, and the other one is a Husky. He is very passionate when it comes to expressing his appreciation for life. He incorporates his life events in many of his art pieces. The exhibit that I visited was called Scry Baby.

Formal Analysis

The Scry Baby exhibit consist of drawings of crystals that have Lopez’s life events within them. Printmaking bfa limestone designs consist of very precise detailing within each image. Lopez’s creativity was influenced by artists, like Alex Gray and Rock Brown, to make geometric or “trippy” looking within a crystal, the image appears blurry. The significant part of his drawings are that there are many life events within one crystal that overlaps on each other. The different levels and positions of the “Baby Trip,” Lopez overlaps three of his baby pictures from different moments of his life. This overlapping of images gives this piece the “trippy” effect that he enjoys making.

Content Analysis

The word “scry” involves looking through a crystal ball which interprets the future. As mentioned previously, Lopez has a deep interest in crystals. He collects several crystals because he appreciates how every crystal signifies a bit of belief or healing properties. He showcases his life through the windows of the crystals. Lopez explained that looking though a crystal is unclear or blurry. He feels that showing his life events through crystals are a perfect way to infer that there are only precious moments that a person remembers throughout life. Within the crystals, he shares drawings of his dogs and himself when he was a young child or teenager. Lopez shares the important remnants of his life through his Scry Baby Exhibit. The crystals within each piece emphasize how important and precious certain memories are.

Synthesis/My experience

I really enjoyed this exhibit because I think it was very creative of Lopez to incorporate crystals into his life story. The Scry Baby Exhibit helped me connect the beauty of the crystal to life. A person does not remember every moment in life. He or she only remembers the memories that were life changing or meaningful. The beautiful, yet blurry nature of the crystal symbolizes the foggy memories that we still cherish even after a long period of time. For instance, Lopez’ childhood and pet dogs were within his crystal drawings. He is sharing snippets of his past though the blurry windows of the crystals. The life events within the crystals made me see that the important moments in my life are as precious and blurry-looking as a crystal. Since Lopez described each crystal signifies a little bit of belief, I see every memory that I cherish as hope as well because it reminds me where I come from.

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