I decided to send my ACP to my friend who lives in Japan.

My ACP includes:

1. A picture of my best friend and I

2. How How Candy

3. Ticket from Us the Duo concert

4. A page of my meal prep planning

5. A postcard of my Summer Camp program

6. ShareTea punch card

7. Captain America bobble head

8. One twenty dollar bill

  1. Sending an ACP and a Snapchat both have the intent of sending a person a piece of his or her daily life. Like Snapchat, ACP give people a chance to update people about their life or share his or her current  interests.
  2. Sending an ACP is different from sending a Snapchat because sending a ACP is more intimate. Snapchat is more of a social application. Snapchat’s purpose is not to make deep connections, but to allow people to share their current “stories” or moment that may only matter for a few minutes. ACP are more intimate because a person hand picks certain items that he or she wants to share with one person. In addition, the items in the ACP are well- thought of and specific. Sending a Snapchat is almost effortless due to it being a common trend to use. When receiving a Snapchat, we only have a few seconds to look at it. After looking at it, the picture is gone and the person who received it eventually forgets about it. A person can physically hold a ACP and appreciate it as long as they want to.
  3. I view the ephemera as precious and gain value over time. For example, one of the items in my ACP is a milk candy wrapper called How How which is only found in the Philippines. Every time one of my relatives gives me this, I am excited and happy because it rare to get my hands on this candy since this candy is not sold in America. If I see this candy years later, I would get this nostalgic feeling of my childhood. It was always a precious moment when I received this candy because it is rare for me to get this candy. I love sharing the taste of one of my favorite candies to my friends and family. This also makes me feel special for being the one who introduced the candy to them.
  4. I think there is a huge difference between art being seen by many people and art being seen by a few people. People within a large group may not be able to focus on the art due to the amount of opinions and distraction that can happen within a group. In a small group of people, a person can focus more on a painting because it is more possible to have quiet time to reflect. Sharing thoughts on a painting with a small group of people may be easier to do because there is less pressure. Group thinking may influence a person to stray away from his or her own thoughts and opinions.
  5. The time taken to send a ACP is more meaningful versus sending a Snapchat. Seeing a Snapchat across the globe has less meaning because a person can only see the picture for only ten seconds. Having that little time to look at a picture and never get to look at it again is meant for “at the moment” kind of updates. Being able feel no concern over the lost image means it lacks value. Choosing specific items in an ACP is more meaningful because it is designated for one person to hold and keep for as long as they want.
  6. You can prepare a meal with love because you create and cook the food with time and effort. In addition, you also have to think about what type of ingredients you have to include to accommodate to the person you are giving the food to. Fast food restaurants do not care about your taste preference and just follow the rules of how food is suppose to be made. ACP can also be made with love because you are able to customize the ACP with items you believe your friend will enjoy and cherish.

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