Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Degree: Undergraduate in drawing and painting

Media: water color, mixed media, wood paneling, electrical wire

Artist Background


Jenny Cho challenges society within her art pieces. Not only the appearance of her art delivers a message, but also the material of each piece help give that message. Cho wants to be part of the effort to diminish the double standard of women. She advocates and incorporates feminism and sexual identity in her art pieces. The majority of her art pieces are made from crafting materials that can be found at a local store like Michael’s store. According to Cho, the art of crafting has been labeled as unworthy to be in art exhibits. A lot of artists believe oil canvas paintings are more presentable and professional than craft pieces. Cho demonstrates that it is okay for art to be “cute” or “aesthetically pleasing.” She tries to demonstrate through her art, that it does not matter what type of style or material a person uses for their art pieces.  Her purpose is to push against the stereotypes and social norms in her art pieces .

Formal Analysis

Her art in this exhibit are demonstrate the theme of Nature vs. Technology. Cho described this concept as nature depending on technology to survive. A lot of the pieces are made of crafting materials such as glue, glitter, construction paper, buttons, wire, etc. She wants to portray that there are no rules when it comes to art. Art does not have to be presented as an oil canvas or with fancy materials. Art is more about expression than quality.

Content Analysis

Jenny Cho shares the exhibit with two other artists: Andrea Gutierrez and Caitlin Morris. The goal of these artist is not to carry their messages through imagery, but to carry their messages through processes and materiality. Instead of obeying “the principles of design,” these artist challenge this idea by making the art according to the “principles of aesthetics.”

My Experience

I really enjoyed Jenny Cho’s art work. I believe she is an inspiration because she promotes individuality. I agree with her idea of expressing our true identity without the restrictions of social norms and stereotypes. I can relate to a lot of her art pieces because I understand the difficulty of pushing against social norms and “double standards” when it comes to women. I agree that there should be no boundaries when it comes to a person expressing their true self.

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