WK 6- Artist Story

Ariel Maldonado’s gallery reminded me of the rules that interfere with a person’s character development. It is hard to balance life, when negativity can sometimes lower your self esteem. There are many societal norms that may interfere with my growth as a person. There are personal reasons why a person might hold back in life, however it is also important for a person to take risk. This gallery inspired me to write about a person who struggles to show his or her true self due to the fear of being hurt when not following the rules. But this story also discusses the importance of balance. A person can’t always hide in fear and should live as his or her own person.


Balance is hard. I know there is beauty in life, however I know that there is also evil. I want to trust people. But I don’t want to trust people. There is always the fear of getting hurt. I usually stop myself from forming a relationship with people because I always assume that there are other, better people in their life. So I stay within my walls. How can I grow if I keep hiding behind my walls? I’ve been hurt. I don’t want to get hurt again. I like being alone. But I don’t want to be alone. There is also the fear of hurting people or bothering a person too much.What is the level of “enough” that will help me avoid from being hurt or disappointing people. Who makes these rules? I question these rules all the time. I just want to be alone away from entire world’s opinions and thoughts from mine.

I can’t have more of one thing than the other. But. If I keep living in fear, I’ll miss out on the beauty of life. But. If I keep trusting, I might get hurt. I wish these rules didn’t have to define me. I believe that they don’t. But of course they will bother me. Because they exist in our society. These “rules” will always pressure me to be someone I’m not. However, I know what I believe in and I won’t let fear destroy me. I believe in happiness, and just need to practice my balance.

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