Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition: Stop and Stare

Media: Installation (video)

Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist

Elena Roznovan is an artist who attends Long Beach State. She is aiming to get her Master’s in Fine Arts, specifically in sculpturing. Her art is based on nature and the ongoing environmental influences in the world.

Formal Analysis

Roznovan used a projection of a clip of a sunset and sunrise in the desert. On top of this projection, there are different tinted windows in different angles. There is also a window like structure that is in the shape of a door. This door shaped window is also tinted in a different color.

Content Analysis

Roznovan’s goal is to challenge people to view the world in different perspectives. Looking through the tinted windows showed different versions of the desert projection. The fact that the windows and door were see-through and at different angles made people look at the projection in different perspectives due to the different tint color or angle. This action of looking at the projection differently introduces the idea of looking at the world with an open mind that is open to new ideas and visions.

My Experience

Roznovan’s exhibit helped me realize through her sunset/sunrise projection art that nature has one view in reality, but through another person’s eyes, nature can have a totally different meaning from others. Looking through a window or the projection itself can be interpreted differently by every person who witnesses. This piece of art made me appreciate nature more and be more aware of people’s thoughts and opinions. Knowing that there are different perspectives concerning the world, motivates me to be open-minded and consider what people have to say.



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