This is probably my favorite art activity. Painting with no subject allowed me to explore what the three paints I chose (blue, pink, and red) can do together. In my opinion, my finger painting is really messy, yet interesting. I was attempting to dip my fingers in the paint so that I can create neat strokes on my piece of paper. However, I accidentally added too much paint and my paper ended up looking like a blob of mixed colors. So I ended up placing it on top of another paper and taking it apart afterwards. I really like how the left corner turned out because it looks like an actual design. I experimented different types of pressures on my paper and it made cool smears. Some parts looked faded and other parts looked mostly like solid colors. It’s messy, but it honestly looks pretty to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This was an exciting assignment because it made me anticipate for what the outcome of this painting would look like. It was engaging and soothing comparing to other assignments.

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