Exhibition: forever by our side

Media: Sticks, Grass, Ceramics, Velvet

Gallery: CSULB School of Art Gallery

Artist Background

Amy Duran is a senior as a BFA major in ceramics. She has always had an interest in art and displays self discovery in her art. Other than art, she hopes to one day have a career involved with entertainment in which she can prepare props and sets.

Formal Analysis

Her exhibit is very interactive for viewers because people are able to read descriptions of certain art pieces like a story book. Her art consists of ceramic dolls, velvet, and plants.

Content Analysis

Her exhibit is very fairy-tale like. The exhibit shows Amy’s life journey. Her art shows her life from when she was young and innocent, up to the process of finding her true self, while battling hardships like anxiety and personal problems.

My Experience

Amy’s exhibit is one of my favorite exhibits because I feel like I and some of the audience can relate to her. Her exhibit is very empowering and it encourages me to have patience in life because self growth is a process. Her exhibit can help reassure people that not knowing what they are going to be in life is okay. This exhibit is especially inspiring to college students as a whole because college students deal with the pressure of parents, teachers, friends, and society.



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