During this sketch, I felt pressured because I am not a very good drawer. I was tempted many times to use my eraser. However I didn’t rush, I took my time. It is not the best drawing, but I know for a fact a person would be able to name some of the things I drew based on the garden.


I enjoyed doing this sketch because I mostly focused on the tree near the river. Sketching the tree was a bit of a challenge because the leaves had  a lot of detail. They looked very flowy yet distinct when observing them to draw. So I made soft strokes of my pencil but also sharp ones to create structure. In the beginning it looked weird because it wasn’t complete, but it ended up looking like a tree in the end. The leaves are not the best, but with all the leaves together, they helped make up a tree.


I was surprised my sketch turned out as bad as it looks. By looking at the curves of my hand, I thought I would be able to sketch exactly where the curves and lines of my fingers moved.
I’m pretty proud of this branch that I sketched. At first I started sketching the branch softly, just to get the shape. It looked weird so I was tempted to erase and start over. I made it better when I began to outline the branch and sharpen my pencil strokes. It turned out really nice.
I noticed I had an easier time sketching solid things like trees, bridges, grass. Water was hard to sketch because it was hard to make it look detailed. It was fun experience because this activity taught me to believe in the potential of so called “mistakes”. I really tried to work with it.


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