My main goal in life is to do everything that makes me happy and I am looking forward to dancing, cooking, exploring nature, and traveling more. Each of my paths also lead to me getting my own apartment, working out and eating healthier, and getting married.

The first path is what I currently think I am doing with my life.

I aiming to be an occupational therapist. After I graduate, I plan attend school for occupational therapy assistant first. At the same time, I will be working a lot so I can earn money to get my own apartment. It want to experience living on my own and learn the responsibilities of being an adult; Such as paying the bills, shop for groceries, etc. As soon as I complete OTA school, I will find a job for this occupation and possibly attend school for occupational therapist while being a OTA somewhere. Maybe I’ll try getting a job out of state so I can experience a new place. Upon completing everything, I will definitely try to fulfill personal interests of mine such as dancing, working out, shopping, cooking, exploring nature, and traveling. As soon as I am financially stable, I would feel more confident to provide for my future family.

This path will lead me to 80 percent satisfaction and 75 percent impact. I have been researching when it comes to resources so my resources would be 85 percent. My confidence is 80 percent because I know I just have to trust the progress and focus.


Next, is the thing I would be doing if the thing I wanted to disappeared.

I would enroll in a LVN school. Same plan as if I would become an occupational therapist: finish schooling and get the job. I would have 74 percent satisfaction and 67 percent impact. I am 83 percent confident because I know I just have to be dedicated to studying for LVN school. Resources is 78 percent for me because I do not know a lot of resources to begin this process.


The thing I would do if I was financially secure, and no one would ever laugh at would be a middle school teacher.

I enjoy working with children so I feel I would really enjoy being a middle school teacher. Even though it may be stressful, I think planning school quarter schedules would be fun to make come to life. This path would be 85 percent satisfying and 57 percent impact. I have no knowledge about becoming a middle school teacher so my confidence is 70 percent while my resources that are available is 60 percent.




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